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A successful homeschool routine takes into account 3 simple principles: 1. Planning the “right” amount to do 2. Embracing the mess 3. Allowing things to change. Let’s dig in and talk about all three of those. | Homeschool Routine | Homeschool Mistakes | Homeschool Schedule | Perfectionism Homeschool | What is the best way to homeschool your child |

3 Easy Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Your Homeschool Routine

When I was a new homeschool mom, creating a homeschool schedule and a homeschool routine felt a little overwhelming.What subjects should I include?How much could I actually accomplish?What if I missed something, and my kids had huge holes in their education? SCROLL TO WATCHSo I created massive color-coded homeschool schedules. I broke the day into […]

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The most important thing I was going to have to learn about was how my homeschool parent-child relationship was going to work. | Homeschool Relationships | Homeschool Expectations | Homeschool parent-child relationships | How to be a good homeschool mom | Homeschooling effects on Family | Stress from parents expectations |

How to Navigate the Homeschool Parent-Child Relationship

When I started homeschooling, I spent hours researching and learning about curriculum and teaching methods.What I didn’t realize is that the most important thing I was going to have to learn about was how my homeschool parent-child relationship was going to work. SCROLL TO WATCHI thought homeschooling was about books, and lessons, and knowledge. And […]

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How do you fight the homeschool battle and win? If you get a few key things in place, you’ll find that you have fewer battles and more peace in your homeschool. | Homeschool bad attitude | Homeschool defiant child | How to motivate homeschool child | homeschool battles | Uncooperative homeschooler |

Battling a Bad Attitude in Your Homeschool

At some point, if you homeschool, you will fight the fundamental homeschool battle.You’ll be trying to motivate your kids. Trying to get them to do their math … or spelling … or reading. SCROLL TO WATCHAnd instead of gleefully going along with your plan, your kid will push back. They’ll be defiant. They’ll say “no.” OR […]

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When you don’t WANT to homeschool anymore (But think you still should!)

When you don’t WANT to homeschool anymore (But think you still should!)

It happens even to the best homeschool mom …You’ve got your homeschool year planned out. It’s full of fun activities and awesome field trips.You’ve got the perfect curriculum (if there is such a thing!) and the perfect school room. SCROLL TO WATCHAnd then things start to fall apart.The kids don’t want to do that amazing […]

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Why Your Homeschool Needs a Mid-Year Review & Reset

Why Your Homeschool Needs a Mid-Year Review and Reset

It’s January — which means it’s time for the homeschool Mid-Year Reboot.What IS the homeschool Mid-Year Reboot, you ask? SCROLL TO WATCHIt’s when you come back after the holidays and realize you have another four or five months before summer.And you might be feeling a little bit of homeschool burnout. OR you might be super […]

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These are things that I regret not learning sooner or wish I had done. I’m sharing my 5 Biggest Homeschool Regrets over 15 years with you in the hopes that you can learn from me … and possibly not make the same homeschooling mistakes! | mom guilt | Homeschool struggles | I want to homeschool | homeschool regrets | Frustrated homeschool |

My 5 Biggest Regrets after 15 Years of Homeschooling

When you’ve been homeschooling as long as I have (15 years!), you start to become reflective.Since I sent my oldest off to college this fall (she’s doing great, BTW!), I’ve been thinking a lot about my homeschool journey so far. SCROLL TO WATCH(I still have three at home — and at least 5 more years […]

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5 simple ways to do homeschool record keeping

5 Simple Ways to Record Your Homeschool

Homeschool record keeping … you know you should do it. But after the homeschool planning and the homeschool doing, finding the time and the energy to remember and want to record what actually happened can feel exhausting and overwhelming. SCROLL TO WATCHAnd no matter how many free homeschool record keeping templates you download, you never quite […]

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How to teach handwriting 8 easy steps homeschool humor

How (NOT) to Teach Handwriting in 8 Easy Steps

(Note: This post was originally written in 2012 for an old blog I used to write.) Despite what you might think, teaching handwriting to your seven year old isn’t as difficult as it might seem. (Ha!)  Just follow these eight easy steps . . . Step 1: Decide to StartDecide that your seven year old needs to […]

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Banish perfectionism in homeschool with encouragement when homeschooling gets tough

3 Key Ways to Banish Perfectionism from Your Homeschool

Is your homeschool struggling? Do you feel like your homeschool is just not working?  Are you a perfectionist? I certainly struggle wanting things to be perfect … in my homeschool and in the rest of my life. SCROLL TO WATCHI have this vision of what I want things to be. And it can be pretty hard when […]

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How to make homeschool work when it’s not working

#1 Thing to Do When Your Homeschool Isn’t Working

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. When you started homeschooling, you envisioned happy blissful moments of togetherness with your children. Snuggling on the couch. Finding the wonder in the new things you were learning.SCROLL TO WATCHYour kids — happily around the table learning and growing. You — overlooking it all with a blissful, nurturing smile on your […]

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