I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on what makes homeschooling easier than public school AND what makes it harder. I’ve also spent a lot of time trying to decide why I kept going. | hard truths about homeschooling | Is homeschooling hard | Is homeschooling worth it | homeschool truths | Disadvantages | Is it difficult to homeschool |

4 Tricky Truths That Make Homeschool Hard

Is homeschooling hard?I’m not going to lie … it is hard. And anyone who tells you differently isn’t telling the truth.It’s also wonderful, glorious, delightful and exciting. SCROLL TO WATCHBut I think we do a disservice to anyone who is learning about homeschooling to not tell the entire truth about homeschooling.Because if you’re trying to […]

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A successful homeschool routine takes into account 3 simple principles: 1. Planning the “right” amount to do 2. Embracing the mess 3. Allowing things to change. Let’s dig in and talk about all three of those. | Homeschool Routine | Homeschool Mistakes | Homeschool Schedule | Perfectionism Homeschool | What is the best way to homeschool your child |

3 Easy Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Your Homeschool Routine

When I was a new homeschool mom, creating a homeschool schedule and a homeschool routine felt a little overwhelming.What subjects should I include?How much could I actually accomplish?What if I missed something, and my kids had huge holes in their education? SCROLL TO WATCHSo I created massive color-coded homeschool schedules. I broke the day into […]

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The most important thing I was going to have to learn about was how my homeschool parent-child relationship was going to work. | Homeschool Relationships | Homeschool Expectations | Homeschool parent-child relationships | How to be a good homeschool mom | Homeschooling effects on Family | Stress from parents expectations |

How to Navigate the Homeschool Parent-Child Relationship

When I started homeschooling, I spent hours researching and learning about curriculum and teaching methods.What I didn’t realize is that the most important thing I was going to have to learn about was how my homeschool parent-child relationship was going to work. SCROLL TO WATCHI thought homeschooling was about books, and lessons, and knowledge. And […]

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Those of us who have been doing it for a really long time (and I’ve been around for over 15 years) still end up believing certain lies about homeschooling … myths that seem like they should be true. But they aren’t! | Lies homeschooling moms believe | Homeschool myths | The truth about homeschooling | Consistent | Consistency | Homeschool Consistently |

4 Common Myths about Being a Consistent Homeschooling Mom (+4 TRUTHS)

Did you know that almost every homeschool mom (at one point or another) buys into certain myths about homeschooling? And specifically about homeschooling consistently?Even those of us who have been doing it for a really long time (and I’ve been around for over 15 years) still find myself believing certain lies about homeschooling … myths […]

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How do you fight the homeschool battle and win? If you get a few key things in place, you’ll find that you have fewer battles and more peace in your homeschool. | Homeschool bad attitude | Homeschool defiant child | How to motivate homeschool child | homeschool battles | Uncooperative homeschooler |

Battling a Bad Attitude in Your Homeschool

At some point, if you homeschool, you will fight the fundamental homeschool battle.You’ll be trying to motivate your kids. Trying to get them to do their math … or spelling … or reading. SCROLL TO WATCHAnd instead of gleefully going along with your plan, your kid will push back. They’ll be defiant. They’ll say “no.” OR […]

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There are ways to put together a homeschool schedule that works. And you can do it without losing the flexibility that homeschool offers AND requires. Today I’m sharing what a “typical” homeschool day looks like. | Homeschool schedule | Typical Homeschool Day | Homeschooling Schedule Multiple kids | Day in the life of a homeschool mom | Homeschool mom routines |

A Typical Homeschool Day: What Does It Look Like?

One of the questions I hear all the time from new homeschool moms is “what does a typical homeschool day” look like?And it’s an interesting question to try and answer.SCROLL TO WATCHI get where the question is coming from. A new homeschool mom is trying to figure out what do homeschool kids do all day?How […]

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Some days homeschooling is just hard! We’ve gotten to the point (after 15 years) where we get a lot of “pretty good” days. Want to know how we’ve done it? | Hard Homeschool Days | When Homeschooling is hard | Homeschool bad days | Homeschooling when its hard | Homeschooling easier | Is homeschooling hard for parents |

What to Say in the Middle of a Hard Homeschool Day

Some days homeschooling is just hard!The kids are struggling and whining and crying.You’re struggling … whining … and crying.Nobody wants to do their work. Everyone is fighting.  SCROLL TO WATCHThe phone is ringing. The entire neighborhood is at your house. You’re trying to teach while also serve another family in need — or just maintain your sanity.Hard […]

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These steps have saved me tons of money and tons of false starts. I’ve been pretty successful overall with my choices. And since these steps can be applied by any homeschool mom, they should also work well for you! | Homeschool Curriculum | Best Homeschool Curriculum | Homeschool curriculum choices | How do I choose a homeschool curriculum? |

3 Simple steps to pick the perfect curriculum

Choosing the best homeschool curriculum can be daunting!So many choices. So much variety. So many options. SCROLL TO WATCHAnd each claim that they will help your child love learning. That they will be the “right fit.” That they will help you as a mom homeschool successfully.And the reality is each CAN be the right homeschool […]

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Math curriculum can be too dry and boring, too repetitive, and super tedious. But not Mr. D Math. It walks my kids step-by-step through what they need to know at a pace that actually works for them. Oh, how I am in love! | Online math | Algebra | Homeschool math | High school Math| Mr. D Math | Curriculum

Mr. D Math – An Honest Algebra II Review for 2020

(Note: I got a copy of this curriculum for free, and I was compensated for the time I took to write up this review. BUT I get to be completely honest about my thoughts, which is SUPER EASY because of how much I fell in love.)I have been hunting for a great math curriculum for […]

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3 Signs your kids are getting TOO much screen time!

3 Signs your kids are getting too much screen time

How much screen time is too much?How much screen time should my kid have?What is a healthy amount of screen time per day? SCROLL TO WATCHAre screens bad for you no matter what?I don’t know a single mom (homeschool or not) who hasn’t thought about these questions!We ask them at park day. We ask them at […]

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