About ToriAnn

I'm ToriAnn Perkey. I've been homeschooling since 2004, when my oldest daughter was 3 1/2. I'm a mother, mentor, teacher, presenter, and musician. One of my favorite pastimes is learning about ... anything!

I believe …

  • Every child deserves an education that works for them based on their personality and learning style, their interests and their abilities. This honors and respects who they are as a person.
  • Learning is meant to be joyful, exciting, engaging, motivating, and fun.
  • Any subject or topic can be made interesting if approached in the right way and by the right person.
  • Play is sacred and must be protected from distraction, numbing, over-programming, as well as adult ideologies, agendas, and fear.
  • A child who is honored and respected as a person, who is allowed to grow and learn in their own way, knows who they are and is able to discover what they have been put on this planet to do.
  • A mother who knows who she is and what her role is can confidently raise and guide her children to know who they are and what their role is.

​My Story

​From the very beginning, I knew that my oldest daughter was awesomely different ... but homeschooling was the FARTHEST thing from my mind.

However, after a friend started talking about homeschooling, I warmed up to the idea and jumped in. The beginning years were a little rough ... so I read and read and read a ton. And we tried sooooo many things. I learned what worked and what didn't for my family.

Little by little, I started to see the results of all my efforts. My kids LOVED school (most of the time!). I watched them giggle with delight when we got on a subject that piqued their interest. I watched them dive into projects because they wanted to ... and do far more than I would have asked because they were engrossed.

I also saw us grow closer together as a family ... and we've (so far!) avoided many of the "traditional" issues with the adolescent years. My kids are good, honest, hard-working, respectful, faithful, and kind. And we all like each other! (Again ... most of the time!)

Along my journey, I discovered that the principles that I was learning that led to where we are were also really helpful to other moms who were just getting started or struggling themselves.

So I started teaching others and it's just blossomed from there. Now I have an entire business that's dedicated to helping new and struggling homeschool moms build a solid foundation for their homeschool where they feel successful and confident. And where their kids love to learn ... and are growing into the people that God put them on this planet to be.

I believe that every homeschool family has to figure out what works best for them ... so I NEVER claim to have one right way or one right answer. Instead, I like to show options and possibilities and let you figure out what feels right to you.

When I'm not helping other homeschoolers, I love to play my guitar and listening to beautiful music. I've never met a good book that I didn't fall in love with. I like to organize closets and make lists when I'm feeling stressed or overwhelmed. And I LOVE learning cool new things that I can teach my kids and others. I'm kind of a computer nerd who loves learning new technology.

Truth is ... I get super excited anytime I'm learning something ... and usually start jumping up and down until I can share it with someone.

My kids share a starring role in what I do ... and you'll often hear me tell stories about them. (Most of the time, they don't mind!) My awesome husband, Josh, is my rock -- always there when things get tough and reminding me that I can do whatever I set my mind to.

Finally, I also help women who feel called to do something big build their business so that it supports them and they still have time for their family. If that's you ... drop me a line and we can chat about other ways I can help you.