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Homeschool encouragement for when it’s hard

You’ll never have all the answers in your homeschool

Whether you’re a new homeschool mom just trying to figure things out …OR you’ve been homeschooling for awhile but things seem to be falling apart … And you feel like you can’t find the answers you’re looking for that would just make everything all better …SCROLL TO WATCHThis post is for you. 🙂Because I have something […]

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Prepare to apply to college as homeschooler

One simple trick to do NOW to simplify applying to college (even if your kid is only 7)

It loomed large in my mind … college applications for my kids… I wasn’t worried whether my kid could get into college. I had already done tons of research and figured that all out. (I’ll make another video about that some other time.)SCROLL TO WATCHNo … the idea that at some point I would have to […]

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Tip when homeschool feels overwhelming

My simple trick when homeschool feels overwhelming …

It was my deep, dark secret. On the surface, I looked like I had everything together … homeschooling my kids, fixing home-cooked meals, doing cool family things …SCROLL TO WATCHBut underneath, I felt like I was drowning. Almost daily, I would feel the weight of everything that I was trying to do (especially when it was time […]

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Homeschool hack to good schedule for morning and day

The #1 Hack to Keep Your Homeschool on Track (Every Day!)

Do your kids get distracted while you’re doing school? Are you calling them back? Asking them to finish? Asking them to start?!?SCROLL TO WATCHSometimes it feels like I’m herding cats to get everybody into one place to try and do one thing all together. BUT … I also know that I tend to get distracted too! And […]

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The #1 thing to do if you ever worry you’re failing your kids in your homeschool

I’ve thought it … many times … “I’m failing my kids!” This very thought showed up just last week after a particularly difficult day where nothing seemed to go right. And thoughts like this USED to really get to me … they would eat me up inside.SCROLL TO WATCHBut no longer! I know what to do to […]

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Kids socialization homeschool weird answer

Will your homeschooled kids be weird? Here’s how you know.

I admit it. I asked the “question.” One of the first things I asked when I met a mom who homeschooled — years before I started homeschooling myself — was “Aren’t you worried your kids will be weird?”SCROLL TO WATCHThis was LONG before I knew the arguments about socialization and the benefits of homeschooling. All I knew […]

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Homeschool college prep tip

Want college-bound kids? … Do THIS before anything else!

Do you want your kids to go to college? Or do you have dreams of them becoming an entrepreneur? I certainly did.SCROLL TO WATCHBut over the years, I made one crucial mistake that made my oldest not care about what she did after high school. In this video, I talk about the mistake I made and what I […]

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Learn Facts with Monsters

You may not know this, but over the years, my home has been overrun by monsters. I don’t know why so many of the games I have made up over the years seem to have monsters in them, but the kids always loved them! A great example of how we used monsters is called Alphabet Monster. This […]

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Homeschool to Homeschool is official!

Okay … I’m super excited to get things started! For months I’ve been working on launching a new website for me to connect with other homeschoolers. And now it’s officially here! I have tons of videos full of ideas, principles, and cool resources that I can’t wait to share. If you want to get me […]

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