Homeschool want to quit burnout mom

When you feel like giving up in your homeschool

I’ve been there. More than I would like to admit …

I’ll have something new and exciting planned -- a fieldtrip, a game, an exciting video …

And at least one of my kids will start to whine and give me a hard time.

Homeschool want to quit burnout mom



I’ll pull out the new curriculum that I’ve researched and poured over and been all excited about … and my kid will decide they HATE it before I even crack the cover.

And it is sooooooo easy to want to give up in that moment.

To throw up my hands and say “FINE!”

And that’s happened on occasion. I’m not proud of it … but it’s true.

But over the years, I’ve learned there is a better way to handle a situation like this.

And recently a friend of mine gave me the PERFECT phrase to help me remember what to do.

And that’s what I’m sharing with you today. 🙂

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Homeschool want to quit burnout mom
mom overwhelmed with homeschool and ready to quit

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