How you may be secretly sabotaging your homeschool

How you may be secretly sabotaging your homeschool (and what to do about it)

The other day I was scrolling through my feed on Facebook, and it happened … the dreaded yucky feelings … Someone had posted some cool thing their kid was doing, and I found myself starting to think “Aaaaaahhhhh … I’m failing!”SCROLL TO WATCH​But then I caught myself. And I instantly knew how to turn myself around before […]

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How to ensure your kids will succeed at higher level math {Greg Tang Review}

Algebra … Trigonometry … Calculus … How do you feel about teaching these subjects? I did okay in math in high school — but I wasn’t a whiz. So I know that I’m not the best resource when it comes time for my kids to learn their higher level math.SCROLL TO WATCHBut that’s okay! Because my job […]

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Kids socialization homeschool weird answer

Will your homeschooled kids be weird? Here’s how you know.

I admit it. I asked the “question.” One of the first things I asked when I met a mom who homeschooled — years before I started homeschooling myself — was “Aren’t you worried your kids will be weird?”SCROLL TO WATCHThis was LONG before I knew the arguments about socialization and the benefits of homeschooling. All I knew […]

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Bananagrams game review to teach spelling

Toss the dreaded spelling list and play this game instead! {Bananagrams Review}

Spelling … how’s it going in your homeschool? I look at spelling a lot like learning basic math facts. Absolutely important as a building block to higher level schooling — but not always as exciting to learn.SCROLL TO WATCHOver the years, I’ve tried so many different approaches — memorizing basic lists, using copywork, playing tons of […]

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Homeschool college prep tip

Want college-bound kids? … Do THIS before anything else!

Do you want your kids to go to college? Or do you have dreams of them becoming an entrepreneur? I certainly did.SCROLL TO WATCHBut over the years, I made one crucial mistake that made my oldest not care about what she did after high school. In this video, I talk about the mistake I made and what I […]

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A Sentence a Day Book Review - Sticky Grammar without the Fuss

Sticky Grammar without the Fuss {Review}

Some parts of learning are intrinsically fun — science experiments, family board games, cool fieldtrips. And some parts … well maybe not so much. I’m not sure ANYONE loves to do long division. Grammar tends to fall into that camp for a lot of kids. Absolutely necessary to write well and communicate effectively. But something […]

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Make Math Come Alive with Life of Fred {Review}

Do you ever feel like it’s easy to get kids to love reading? But it’s like pulling teeth to get your kids to do math? I hear you!SCROLL TO WATCHOf my four kids, one came out of the womb loving math. I swear he could count before he could speak. But the other three … well … it’s […]

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The Elements Book Review - Make the Periodic Table Come Alive

Make the Periodic Table Come Alive {Review}

Do you remember memorizing the periodic table in high school? I do. What I can’t remember is WHY I had to memorize it. What was the point? Why was it beneficial? I’m not a big fan of memorizing just for the sake of memorizing. But sometimes we fall into that trap when we start putting […]

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How to Answer the “What About Socialization” Question

If you haven’t had someone ask you “What about socialization?” … then wait a few minutes … it’s coming. This question seems to show up over and over again in homeschool conversations with people outside of the homeschool world.SCROLL TO WATCH​And knowing how to ANSWER that question can feel a little tricky! Today I’m sharing the answer […]

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Build A-MAZE-ing Problem Solving Skills with Perplexus - Review

Build A-MAZE-ing Problem Solving Skills with Perplexus {Review}

No … not the gritty cleaner left in the sink after you scrub it. I’m talking about GRIT … the ability to keep going when things get tough and see a goal all the way to the end? It’s an absolutely essential skill to have as a successful adult. And it’s also one that we […]

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