Homeschool Curriculum: Home Learning Year by Year - Book Review

A Go-To Resource for Planning Your Homeschool Year {Review}

Have you mapped out your upcoming school year? Did you cover all the bases? I always start by making a big list of EVERYTHING we could possibly do … and then pairing it waaaaaay back. In fact, just the other day a brand-new homeschool mom asked me what was my top piece of advice going […]

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#1 Top Question to Save Your Sanity in the Fall

I hope you’re in the thick of summer vacation — family trips, lazy days at the pool, late-night movie nights with the kids. But if you’re anything like me, you’re also heavy into thinking about the next school year. What you’ll study AND what you hope your school day will FEEL like. Every year about […]

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Dyslexic advantage book review dysgraphia

Have a Dyslexic Kid (or Think You Might)? – Read this FIRST! {Review}

I first suspected my daughter had dyslexia when I tried EVERYTHING to teach her to read, and we weren’t getting anywhere! She was frustrated … I was frustrated … Then a mom recommended I read The Dyslexic Advantage, by Brock and Fernette Eide.SCROLL TO WATCHThis book RADICALLY shifted my understanding of dyslexia. No longer did I see […]

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Free Time in Your Homeschool & Early Costco Readers {Review}

Are you free? As in … are you free to occasionally do something just for you? Free time can sometimes feel like a mirage for busy homeschool moms. There’s just soooo much that you have to do (even in the summer!). But making sure you get free time as a mom is super duper important! […]

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Add Beast Academy to Your Homeschool Math Curriculum Review

Add Beastly Math to Your Homeschool {Beast Academy Review}

In my house, I’ve always used “monsters” to make learning and working fun. For some reason, friendly monsters always inspired my kids. We’ve played …SCROLL TO WATCHAlphabet Monster — a chase and tickle game when a monster showed up in a deck of phonics cards. Vacuum Monster — where I vacuumed the floor making monster noises and […]

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The Way Things Work Now by David Macaulay - Book Review

Explore The New Way Things Work (Mammoths Included) {Review}

With all the new ways to learn things … from apps to videos to virtual reality … does an “old” way still have a place? I think it does. Yes, there are apps to learn how to read and how to spell and how to do math facts. And we use all of those in […]

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Practice math facts addition subtraction fun game

Your Kids Will WANT to Practice Math Facts {7Ate9 Review}

Do you ever get bored? Whether it’s the same meals over and over … or the same clothing in your closet … or the same homeschool workbook. If you’re like me, your brain at some point starts to say … “Seriously … can we do something different!?!”SCROLL TO WATCHThat’s why I’m constantly on the lookout for new […]

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Libertys Kids - The Complete Series DVD | Review

Your kids will BEG to do history! {Review}

School is out for the summer … or you’re awfully close. (If you’re like me, you haven’t done a ton for most of May. I just shift into a different head space when the weather gets nice!) But that doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about learning and how my kids can STILL be learning amazing […]

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Think Fun Laser Maze Review - Logic Game and STEM Toy

Your Kids Will Be Problem-Solving Ninjas {Review}

Do your kids solve problems well? Or do they tend to get stuck and fall apart? Problem-solving is an essential skill to be successful in school and in life — and it’s one you ABSOLUTELY can help teach. In our family, I use hard work and games to reinforce problem solving. My kids like the […]

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Judy Clock Review - The Best Resource to Help Kids Tell Time

The Best Resource to Help Kids Tell Time {Review}

Time can be tricky to figure out. This Judy Clock makes it easy for kids to “feel” and understand how time works. Click HERE to check out this resource.

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