What to Say in the Middle of a Hard Day

What do you say to yourself in the middle of a particularly hard day? Are you telling yourself this is a “but a moment” and “this too shall pass”? Or are you sure the day is “a disaster” and “I’m failing”? How you speak to yourself in your head makes a huge difference as to […]

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The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy - Book Review

Warning! This Book Might Inspire Learning {Review}

QUESTION: What’s more fun than quizzing your kids on what they know? ANSWER: When your kids get to quiz you! Right now in our homeschool, we are having a BLAST with a book called “The Dictionary of Cultural Literacy.” My kids open up to a random page, ask me a question, and wait to see […]

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Here Comes Science by They Might Be Giants - Review

Science That Is Music to the Homeschool Ears {Review}

Want to spice up your homeschool science WITHOUT making a mess? This album from They Might Be Giants is your answer! 19 songs … real science … funky clean music … even your teens will be singing along! It’s also great for carschooling days when you want to get a little more “education” into the […]

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What is Carschooling? What is the Value of Carschooling?

The Value of Carschooling

How much time do you spend in the car? Between lessons and co-ops and errands, I have spent HOURS and HOURS in the car over my homeschooling lifetime. Fortunately, I learned that my time in the car could be put to good use. And make the trip more enjoyable at the same time. Carschooling is […]

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Tell Tale Card Game Review - 3 Essential Writing Skills + Teach 1

3 Essential Writing Skills + Teach 1 with This Tell Tale Game {Review}

Ever feel frustrated because your kid doesn’t want to write? Or do you wish you could simplify your language arts curriculum, save yourself some time, AND still produce great writers? It’s totally possible to inspire a love of writing AND do it in less time and effort. Because writing breaks down into THREE essential elements. […]

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When Your Toddler Won’t Let You Read

Question: What do you do when your toddler won’t let you read with your older kids? Answer: This used to happen to us ALL THE TIME! My youngest was such a stinker. We would be sitting on the couch trying to read. He would run over and pull at the book … scream loudly … […]

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Timeline History Game Review -- Fun for Ages 6 to 96

Timeline History Game — Fun for Ages 6 to 96 {Review}

Ready to take the challenge? … Do you or your kids know more about history? Get ready for awesome learning and amazing bunny trails in this fabulous history timeline game for all ages. Click HERE if you want to check Timeline out for your homeschool.

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Why I Sometimes Play Dumb

Sometimes I play dumb with my kids. The other day my daughter asked me if I knew what words she could use to replace “show” in a paper she was writing. Immediately my brain started to churn out ideas — “display” “mirror” “reflect” “exemplify.” But I caught myself before the words left my mouth … […]

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Grammar game review Silly Sentences homeschool

A Super Simple (and fun!) Way to Teach Grammar to Young Kids

Teach grammar to six year olds … And have fun?!? Oh, yeah!! Check out this fabulous grammar game for elementary kids that I love playing too! We laugh like crazy! Click HERE if you think you might want one for your homeschool.SCROLL TO WATCH Ready to feel Confident and Successful as you homeschool?Register below to watch my FREE […]

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How To Conquer Homeschool Mom Fear

Sometimes the biggest thing that gets in the way of having a homeschool that really works is the fear that it’s NOT working. You look around and see all the amazing things that other people are doing — on Facebook, on Pinterest. Or you hear about it at the local park day — the kid […]

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