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Numbers league math game review

Practice Mental Math with Superheroes {Numbers League Game Review}

I love finding new math games for kids.Over the years, we’ve used math games in our homeschool to explore new math ideas, review math concepts in fun and engaging ways, and just have fun as a family! SCROLL TO WATCHThe coolest part of playing a math game — as opposed to doing math worksheets or […]

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Transcontinental railroad living history book review

Best Book to Learn about the Transcontinental Railroad {Echoes of Hammers and Spikes Review}

Do you remember learning about the Transcontinental Railroad in school as a kid? I do. I remember being fascinated by the race between the Central Pacific and the Union Pacific. SCROLL TO WATCHI remember thinking it wasn’t fair that the Central Pacific didn’t have to go nearly as far … until I learned they had to […]

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best math games for kids reviews

Favorite Math Games in Our Homeschool (for All Ages)

We’ve always been a fan of using math games in our homeschool to practice math facts. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division … if there was a game, I wanted to play it instead of reviewing in more conventional ways. I also wanted to find games that weren’t “just” practice … but also were fun and had great […]

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Fabulous Graphic Novel Historical Fiction Series for Kids – {Nathan Hale Hazardous Tales Review}

We LOVE historical fiction in our house! It’s such a fabulous way to make history come alive and for kids to really remember key historical events. We ALSO love graphic novels … SCROLL TO WATCHOkay – full disclosure – I’ve been a skeptic of graphic novels for years. After all, can it REALLY be great content if […]

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Homeschool writing ideas prompts dixit game review

Sharpen Kids’ Creative Writing Skills with THIS Wordless Game {Dixit Game Review}

Creative writing is super important in our homeschool. I think it helps my kids express themselves, figure out who they are, and how they want to relate to the world.SCROLL TO WATCHIt also provides an easier way to practice grammar and punctuation and all the other writing conventions that will help them communicate well as they […]

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Blokus Homeschool board game review

Enhance Spatial Learning with This Board Game (Great for Kinesthetic Learners!) {Review Blokus}

For over 16 years, we have used games in our homeschool to make learning fun and exciting. We’ve played storytelling games and grammar games to help with reading and writing. We’ve played tons of math games to help with adding and multiplying and critical thinking.SCROLL TO WATCHWhen we started, we didn’t call it gameschooling — we just […]

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Homeschool science experiment steven spangler review

Does your science have naked eggs and exploding toothpaste? {Review – Spangler Science Books}

 Over the years, we’ve done quite a few science experiments in our homeschool. Some have gone really well. Others … not so much. Scroll to Watch(And there’s nothing like a science experiment that flops to shift the energy in your homeschool for the day!) That’s why I LOVE the books I’m reviewing today. The experiments work every time. The kids […]

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Murderous Math fun homeschool curriculum review

Math + Murder = Magical Mathematical Learning {Review – Murderous Maths}

Does your kid hate math?  Or are you looking for a way to make math a little more fun in your homeschool. I know I’m ALWAYS on the lookout for ways to keep the subjects we teach interesting, engaging, and fun.Scroll to WatchWhich is why I hit the jackpot when I found the Murderous Maths series.  After reading […]

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This poetry looks as good as it sounds {Review Carolyn Kennedy Poetry}

Do you do poetry in your homeschool? Or does it get relegated to the “if we have time” part of the schedule? (Which means you NEVER get to it because who has that kind of extra time???) Scroll to WatchPoetry has always been a HUGE part of our homeschool because I’ve seen how it makes better […]

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best chapter book series for teaching kids to read

The best chapter book series for teaching kids to read {REVIEW Moongobble and Me}

One of the greatest joys of homeschooling for me has been the front row view as each of my kids has learned to read. They didn’t all learn at the same time — in fact, one waited until 11 before things really clicked. (Turns out he needed glasses and we didn’t know … whoops!)Scroll to WatchBut […]

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