Build A-MAZE-ing Problem Solving Skills with Perplexus - Review

Build A-MAZE-ing Problem Solving Skills with Perplexus {Review}

No … not the gritty cleaner left in the sink after you scrub it.

I’m talking about GRIT … the ability to keep going when things get tough and see a goal all the way to the end?

It’s an absolutely essential skill to have as a successful adult.

And it’s also one that we talk about a lot in the homeschool community — although we like to say things like “getting my kids to finish” and “staying focused.”

Being able to stay with a task when it gets hard is something I’m working really hard to help my kids learn. I want them to know that failure only happens if they give up and that true success is measured by effort not by results.

How am I trying to do it?

1. I’m modeling the behavior myself (as much as I can).

2. When an assignment gets tough, they can take a break. But I expect them to come back and work through to the end.

3. I find “tough” physical work for them to do (moving rocks!) that pushes the muscles as well as the brain.

4. I look for fun ways to stretch their grittiness.

That last one is definitely where this week’s review fits in. The Perplexus toy is NOT easy. It takes patience and tenacity — two essential ingredients for grit.

And my kids play with them over and over. Which means they are building their grit muscles every time (even when they think they are just having fun).

They loved them so much, they collected them all. But these are two of their favorites:


Love how sometimes the lessons can sneak in when they are least expecting them!

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