The Elements Book Review - Make the Periodic Table Come Alive

Make the Periodic Table Come Alive {Review}

Do you remember memorizing the periodic table in high school?

I do.

What I can’t remember is WHY I had to memorize it. What was the point? Why was it beneficial?

I’m not a big fan of memorizing just for the sake of memorizing. But sometimes we fall into that trap when we start putting our school plans together. And we don’t step back and ask WHY memorizing is important.

As with every part of your homeschool, always take the time to analyze why you’re asking your kids to do something.

Is it because you had to do it, and it just “seems” like something that should be part of school?

Or does it serve a higher purpose?

Since I couldn’t come up with a fabulous reason to memorize the periodic table, I wanted to explore it in a different way with my kids.

That’s why The Elements by Theodore Gray was such a wonderful addition to our homeschool.

Stunning pictures. Engaging stories. Interesting, rabbit-hole-inducing, tidbits of information.

Definitely a book a highly recommend for your homeschool science shelf!

(And don’t forget to check out the cards that go with the book. I’m so glad that we have both because they are complimentary and my kids use them both.)

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