The Way Things Work Now by David Macaulay - Book Review

Explore The New Way Things Work (Mammoths Included) {Review}

With all the new ways to learn things … from apps to videos to virtual reality … does an “old” way still have a place?

I think it does.

Yes, there are apps to learn how to read and how to spell and how to do math facts.

And we use all of those in our homeschool.

But I still pulled out the handheld flashcards to review music notes with my 10 year old today. And I still believe that writing spelling words on paper has a place (even if you can also type them on the computer).

As you consider the “best” way to teach your kids any topic, keep in mind that mixing old techniques with new can actually enhance the learning that your kids are doing.

The brain learns best when learning is varied and spaced out.

So use your iPad or your kindle — but also keep some paper and pencils handy. Turns out BOTH are really valuable.

[Update: After I did this review, I realized that there is an even NEWER version of this book. I highly recommend you check it out for your homeschool!]

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