Learn Facts with Monsters

You may not know this, but over the years, my home has been overrun by monsters.

I don’t know why so many of the games I have made up over the years seem to have monsters in them, but the kids always loved them!

A great example of how we used monsters is called Alphabet Monster.

This game started when my oldest was just two years old, and I started trying to teach her to read.

(That means that Alphabet Monster is older than my decision to homeschool–wow!)

Over the years, I played it with all of my kids . . . although it went through a few variations.

It’s a great game when you’re just teaching the sounds that go with each letter. I played it with just one kid or with all four of my kids at the same time. And it’s fabulous for the kid who just can’t seem to sit still.

How you prep:

  1. Write the alphabet lowercase letters on 3×5 cards.
    • You’ll want up to six of each letter, depending on whether you’re learning or reviewing.
    • Use a dark marker like a Sharpie.
    • This is a great “sit in front of the tv and zone out” activity.
  2. Find a monster graphic online that you like (google “monster image”).
    • Print out six that you can glue to the 3×5 cards.
    • Color is best but not required.

How you play:

  1. When it comes time to play, choose which letter sounds you want to review or learn. Pick the appropriate cards from your stash of letter cards.
  2. Shuffle the letter cards, and then insert the Alphabet Monster cards into the deck so that they are reasonably spaced. 
  3. Sit on the floor with the deck of cards turned face down in the middle.
  4. Each person takes a turn turning over a card from the deck. If it’s a letter, everyone makes the appropriate sound. If it’s a monster . . .
  5. . . . something crazy happens. This is where the game has changed over the years.

When it was just my two year old and me, we would chase each other around the house.

Once there were several young kids playing, the kid who picked the monster would try to catch the others before they could race around the house and back to their spot. (I would sit and watch.)

Once they got older (and more competitive and rougher!), they all just did crazy monster moves while they ran around the house one time.

When I was back to playing with one kid, I was tired so I would just tackle my youngest kid and do a monster tickle. 

This game works with ANY facts that you wanted to review–as long as your monster cards were the same size as your fact cards. 

Oh, the joy of monsters! 

Your turn … Comment below and tell me what facts your kids would love to review with monsters!

About the Author ToriAnn Perkey

I'm ToriAnn Perkey. I've been homeschooling since 2004, when my oldest daughter was 3 1/2. I'm a mother, mentor, teacher, presenter, and musician. One of my favorite pastimes is learning about ... anything! Read more here.