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The 20th Century Children's Poetry Treasury Book Review

The secret ingredient to creating great writers … {Review}

Grammar … punctuation … spelling … organization … structure … All of these are so important when it comes to helping my kids communicate effectively with their writing. They have to be able to put their ideas down on paper in a way that makes sense. But there’s something else … and it can be […]

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My favorite math game that makes learning division much easier

My favorite game to make learning division soooo much easier {Review}

I’ll admit it … I’ve never been a fan of long division. And except for my one “mathy” kid, none of my kids have been either. It’s hard. It makes your brain work. And it has soooooo many steps!SCROLL TO WATCHFortunately, you can make division a little bit easier for your kids (and yourself) by playing games […]

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Homeschool science curriculum elementary magic school bus

My no-fail science plan when I’m too tired to do science … {Magic School Bus Videos Review}

For six and half years, I never got a full night’s sleep. My oldest had sleep issues and would wake up … every … single … night. I was soooooo tired.SCROLL TO WATCHBut we were still homeschooling. And even AFTER she slept through the night, the other three children took their turns waking me up. Aching legs … […]

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Are your kids tired of boring writing assignments? This holds the answer! {Review}

I LOVE storytelling and creative writing toys and games. And today … I’m going to share one of my FAVORITES! I love this game because it’s open-ended … and I think of all the resources I love, it does the best at helping with writing prompting that create a vast ocean of ideas no matter what age […]

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How to ensure your kids will succeed at higher level math {Greg Tang Review}

Algebra … Trigonometry … Calculus … How do you feel about teaching these subjects? I did okay in math in high school — but I wasn’t a whiz. So I know that I’m not the best resource when it comes time for my kids to learn their higher level math.SCROLL TO WATCHBut that’s okay! Because my job […]

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Bananagrams game review to teach spelling

Toss the dreaded spelling list and play this game instead! {Bananagrams Review}

Spelling … how’s it going in your homeschool? I look at spelling a lot like learning basic math facts. Absolutely important as a building block to higher level schooling — but not always as exciting to learn.SCROLL TO WATCHOver the years, I’ve tried so many different approaches — memorizing basic lists, using copywork, playing tons of […]

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A Sentence a Day Book Review - Sticky Grammar without the Fuss

Sticky Grammar without the Fuss {Review}

Some parts of learning are intrinsically fun — science experiments, family board games, cool fieldtrips. And some parts … well maybe not so much. I’m not sure ANYONE loves to do long division. Grammar tends to fall into that camp for a lot of kids. Absolutely necessary to write well and communicate effectively. But something […]

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Make Math Come Alive with Life of Fred {Review}

Do you ever feel like it’s easy to get kids to love reading? But it’s like pulling teeth to get your kids to do math? I hear you!SCROLL TO WATCHOf my four kids, one came out of the womb loving math. I swear he could count before he could speak. But the other three … well … it’s […]

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The Elements Book Review - Make the Periodic Table Come Alive

Make the Periodic Table Come Alive {Review}

Do you remember memorizing the periodic table in high school? I do. What I can’t remember is WHY I had to memorize it. What was the point? Why was it beneficial? I’m not a big fan of memorizing just for the sake of memorizing. But sometimes we fall into that trap when we start putting […]

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Build A-MAZE-ing Problem Solving Skills with Perplexus - Review

Build A-MAZE-ing Problem Solving Skills with Perplexus {Review}

No … not the gritty cleaner left in the sink after you scrub it. I’m talking about GRIT … the ability to keep going when things get tough and see a goal all the way to the end? It’s an absolutely essential skill to have as a successful adult. And it’s also one that we […]

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