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Wildcraft! An Herbal Adventure Game for Kids Review

Teach Herbs to Kids with Wildcraft {Review}

Several years ago, I became fascinated with herbs. I wanted to learn all about them … how they worked, which ones did what, and how I could use them to help and heal the body. We were struggling with several pretty severe health challenges, and as I dug deeper, I learned more and more that […]

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Use Labyrinth to teach problem solving the A-MAZE-ING way {Game Review}

We all sit down together — the readers and the non-readers — and we want to play together. But it’s tricky … the teenager wants something challenging. The youngest wants a fighting chance. And my non-readers don’t want to get bogged down with words. I’d even like it to teach while we play (multi-tasking!) That’s […]

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Can grammar make you giggle? {Review}

Do your kids (and you) moan when it’s time to do grammar? What if I told you it was possible to actually laugh out loud while learning about nouns and verbs and phrases and clauses … ? Well … it IS possible. Because this book that I’m going to share with you does just that. […]

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Help reluctant writer motivate to write homeschool

How to help the reluctant writer

It can be soooooo painful! You sit down and ask your kid to write ONE sentence … one little sentence … And it turns into begging … “PLEEEEASE … anything … something …”SCROLL TO WATCHIt can be soooooo painful! You sit down and ask your kid to write ONE sentence … one little sentence … And it turns into […]

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The Extraordinaires Design Studio Pro - Game Review

The best design game EVER {Review Design Studio Pro}

I have a problem … I’m part of a program that reimburses a TON of my school expenses … in exchange for a few, minor requirements from us. It’s called My Tech High, and actually in most ways, I absolutely love it. Manageable oversight (read … very little), maximum flexibility, and extra money that makes […]

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Learn Math Multiples with a Twist - Blue Orange Sumoku Review

Learn math multiples with a TWIST {Review}

Brain bending math with a dash of Scrabble … That’s how I describe this latest game that we love to play at our house. It’s not the easiest game in the world, but I love how it makes my kids … and ME … think when we play! CLICK HERE to check it out for […]

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I’m excited about these Horrible Science books

I’m HORRIBLY excited about these Science books {Review – Horrible Science}

What if Monty Python met Bill Nye the Science Guy …? You would have the books I want to share with you today.SCROLL TO WATCHThese books are full of solid science, but with all the “gross” bits left in. But I find that even my girls enjoy the humor and style. And I enjoy how easily the […]

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Happy Atoms Review - Magnetic Molecular Modeling Set

Finally! The Chemistry kit I’ve been looking for YEARS! {Happy Atoms – Review}

Atoms … molecules … for kids! I know there are kits out there, but I didn’t like how they were put together or I didn’t like how they didn’t feel durable and kid friendly. Well … I finally found a kit that meets all my requirements. I found it while I was presenting at the […]

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Ignite the Love for Science! The Disappearing Spoon Review

How to use a disappearing spoon to ignite their love of science {Review}

A little dash of history … a sprinkling of periodic table … and a great story … all mixed together — THAT’s what makes this particular book that I’m sharing with you today such a great way to mix things up for science in your homeschool. CLICK HERE to check it out for your homeschool: […]

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Kids motivated to learn with sharpie in homeschool

How a Simple Sharpie Can Make Your Kids WANT to Learn

There are moments where I have despaired of EVER getting my kids to want to do something. Practice handwriting … nope! Do math problems … nope!SCROLL TO WATCHpractice spelling … nope! And then there are times when a kid will sit down and just do their assignment. No whining. No crying. No begging. I wish I had a crystal ball […]

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