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My “go to” book for understanding my kids {Review – Child Whisperer – Carol Tuttle}

Does your child drive you crazy bouncing off the walls … but also make you laugh all the time?

Does your child seem to get super emotional over little things … but then be the first to give you a hug when you’re having a hard day?

Does your child get super inflexible when it’s time to change the plans … but is the first to get their school work done?

Does your child boss everyone around (including you) … but makes things happen without you even having to be around?

And does it drive you crazy — because you just can’t understand what the heck is going on inside their brain??

I totally get it! Which is why I love the book “The Child Whisperer” by Carol Tuttle that I’m reviewing today.

This book on children and their personalities radically changed how I understood my children — giving me insight and understanding that has SAVED my relationship with them through the years.

I consider it one of my top 5 parenting resources!

CLICK HERE to check it out for your homeschool:


About the Author ToriAnn Perkey

I'm ToriAnn Perkey. I've been homeschooling since 2004, when my oldest daughter was 3 1/2. I'm a mother, mentor, teacher, presenter, and musician. One of my favorite pastimes is learning about ... anything! Read more here.