How to Teach the Countries of the World

Question: How can I teach my kids the countries of the world?

Answer: I’ve done a few different things.

1. We put a big map up on the wall. My favorite is the laminated map that Costco sells every fall because it also has flags and a US map comes with it. I’ve seen other families put the map under plastic and use it as decoration on their dinner table.

2. We purchased an inexpensive globe and get it out when I want to explain relative size of countries or so the kids can better grasp how all the countries are related on the globe.

3. We LOVE the Stack the Countries app that you can get for the iPad or android. It has a fabulous amount of learning packed in, and my kids love the game elements. It also helps that every country gets cute eyes that makes the entire thing feel friendly and fun.

4. We’ve also read fairytales and folktales from around the world, using the map to figure out where the stories come from. Anytime you can incorporate stories into learning, the learning is more readily received and it tends to stick better.

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