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Wildcraft! An Herbal Adventure Game for Kids Review

Teach Herbs to Kids with Wildcraft {Review}

Several years ago, I became fascinated with herbs.

I wanted to learn all about them … how they worked, which ones did what, and how I could use them to help and heal the body.

We were struggling with several pretty severe health challenges, and as I dug deeper, I learned more and more that told me that herbs might be a fantastic part of the solution.

I was not disappointed … but that story is for another day.

Because — in the process of all my research, I stumbled across the most AMAZING game for kids.

A game that teaches herbs to kids.

I waffled for a bit about getting it — but ultimately, I’m glad that I did because my kids have played with it for YEARS (which I can’t say for a lot of the other things we have in our house).

So I’m super excited to share it with you today.

CLICK HERE to check it out for your homeschool: