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Homeschool Curriculum: Home Learning Year by Year - Book Review

A Go-To Resource for Planning Your Homeschool Year {Review}

Have you mapped out your upcoming school year? Did you cover all the bases?

I always start by making a big list of EVERYTHING we could possibly do … and then pairing it waaaaaay back.

In fact, just the other day a brand-new homeschool mom asked me what was my top piece of advice going into her first year.

I told her to do less than HALF of what she had planned. She said it was the best advice she’d received. 🙂

Still — I like to have a sense of what different grade levels and ages cover.

That’s why I use Home Learning Year-by-Year EVERY YEAR to help me check in with what my kids can be learning.

I love how it focuses on topics, not philosophy, and gives me lots of ideas. Another little gem to make my homeschool planning that much easier.

Click HERE to check it out for your homeschool.