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Happy Atoms Review - Magnetic Molecular Modeling Set

Finally! The Chemistry kit I’ve been looking for YEARS! {Happy Atoms – Review}

Atoms … molecules … for kids!

I know there are kits out there, but I didn’t like how they were put together or I didn’t like how they didn’t feel durable and kid friendly.

Well …

I finally found a kit that meets all my requirements.

I found it while I was presenting at the Winter Homeschool Conference this last weekend, and it’s going at the TOP of my Amazon Wish List.

AFTER I made this video, I did more research and I’m even MORE excited … because they have an app that will help kids of all ages engage even more.

(Forgive the quality of this video … the noise at a conference can be pretty crazy!

And, if you’re in Utah and are interested in getting help with school expenses and want onsite classes, check out Education Evolution that I talk about in the video. https://eevmo.com/)

CLICK HERE to check it out for your homeschool: