What REALLY makes a good homeschool day?

Question: What does a “good” homeschool day look like for you?

Answer: For me, a good homeschool day is one where everybody is willing to engage in some kind of learning.

When they were little that meant that they would play the games I had created or wanted to read the books I had chosen. Now that they are older (10 to 16), it means they pleasantly do the learning activities that we’ve agreed on without whining or complaining (math assignments, typing program, read for 30 minutes).

Good days don’t happen every day … but they do happen often enough that I enjoy the overall experience. My guess is that most of my children have a good day 7 out of 10 days that we homeschool. Some struggle more than others. And I have one who hits about 4 in 10.

Once in a lovely blue moon, all 4 show up 100% at the same time. These days are priceless, and I usually pinch myself all day long.

About the Author ToriAnn Perkey

I'm ToriAnn Perkey. I've been homeschooling since 2004, when my oldest daughter was 3 1/2. I'm a mother, mentor, teacher, presenter, and musician. One of my favorite pastimes is learning about ... anything! Read more here.