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How To Conquer Homeschool Mom Fear

Sometimes the biggest thing that gets in the way of having a homeschool that really works is the fear that it’s NOT working.

You look around and see all the amazing things that other people are doing — on Facebook, on Pinterest. Or you hear about it at the local park day — the kid who just graduated at 14 or the 4 yr old who is already reading Shakespeare.

And you can feel like a total failure because you have cheerios in your hair, and the best your kid could muster was stick drawing of the family for school that day.

Comparison is the #1 thing that will destroy you as a homeschool mom. You CAN’T compare how you’re doing. You are you … and they are them. What you do is based on what YOUR kids need and what YOUR family’s goals are.

The kid who graduated at 14 may struggle with depression. The kid reading Shakespeare may struggle with simple addition.

You never know … and it doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you figure out what your kids need and work to give it to them. Provide them space to learn and grow. Pay attention to opportunities that will light them up. Allow them to be different … and unique … and special.

Yes — it’s important to pay attention to growth and to ask if you’re on the right track. That’s okay. But make sure it’s YOUR track and aligned with the destination YOU want.

Let the fear that your kid and your homeschool isn’t measuring up go. And embrace the homeschool that you are meant to create.