Motivate your kids to
without begging, bribing, or yelling.

It’s noon ... and things aren’t going well with school today.

You had an amazing plan. A few minutes of math. Then the spelling. And then a great science experiment.

Except it didn’t work.

Math took 2 hours – and you still aren’t done. Spelling will take just as long.

So much for the science experiment.

Whining. Complaining. Crying. ... And it wasn’t just your kids, it was YOU!

And you want to think things could be different. But school is starting to look like this EVERY DAY (or most days).

If so, let’s talk.

I get where you’re coming from. I’ve TOTALLY had more days like this than I can count in the last 16 years.

But I also know that it doesn’t have to be like this.

You can create a homeschool where your kids WANT to learn. Where they are motivated for the right reasons to do what they need to do.

Where there is less whining, crying, and begging.

Over the years, I’ve learned a lot about motivating my kids. And as I started applying what I learned in my home, things started to change.

Things can change!

We went from begging and pleading ... to
getting things done (and enjoying it!).

We went from tears and angry words ... to
being excited for school almost every day.

And now I’m putting together a
brand new course to teach you how to do the same thing.

It’s called
"The Motivation Formula" – and it’s by far the most exciting and most important thing I’ve ever planned on doing.

Because figuring out how to create a homeschool where your kids are thriving and they crave learning is FUNDAMENTAL when it comes to creating a successful homeschool.

I’ve spent YEARS researching and testing and talking to people. And now I’m ready to share what I’ve learned and put into practice with you!

Here’s how it’s going to work...

Each week in this course, you’ll get a new key ingredient of the Motivation Formula, including:

  • The Brain – why the brain fights learning (sometimes) and how you can tap into it’s innate desire to learn
  • Mom – how you may be sabotaging the process without even realizing it AND how you can radically change everything (and make school LESS stressful in the process!)
  • Vision – key steps to seeing where you’re going (and the hidden elements of creating a motivation vision that people often forget)
  • Relationships – how to leverage key relationships in your child’s life so they WANT to learn
  • The Unique Child – tapping into what motivates YOUR child (hint: it’s more than personality and learning style)
  • The Environment – what to add to optimize the desire to learn (and key questions to ask to figure out what to eliminate)
  • Rewards & Consequences – shift from bribes and threats (or full out punishment) to kickstart the desire to learn WITHOUT killing their innate desire

We’ll talk about why each ingredient is important AND how each ingredient works with the others –

And you’ll also learn practical and simple ways to incorporate them into your homeschool.

THEN we’ll talk together. You can email me questions ... or pop into an exclusive, private Facebook Group to chat with me and others who are figuring out the same thing. (I may even do a live Q&A if that would be helpful for the group.)

Together we’ll explore what you’re learning and figure out how to help you apply it to your unique situation.

Sound good?

Ready to learn how to really motivate your kids to want to learn?

(And BTW: What you’re going to learn doesn’t apply just to school ... but also to work around the house and anything else your kid doesn’t innately want to do!)

Now ... if you’re still not sure, you may be thinking ...

This sounds good, but I’m not sure I have enough time.


Maybe this will work for most moms, but
you don’t know MY kid (I’ve already tried EVERYTHING)


I have so many other things I need to get for my school ...
not sure I should put my money here.

I TOTALLY get that. But
I’m still going to encourage you to consider coming along anyway.


1. This is an exclusive and limited offer.

Because this course is brand new, I’m only offering it right now to people who already follow me and like what I create. I’m not going to broadcast the course to the world (yet!).

That means you will be connected with a small group of like-minded people who are really invested in creating a home full of motivated, happy learners.

I’m limiting the number of people who can participate in the process to the first 30 who sign upI want to make sure I can hear and respond to all the conversation.

2. You get to be a part of the process.

While I have a VERY thorough outline (think 20+ pages), the course isn’t actually created ... which means your feedback will directly impact what you get as you learn the information.

I’ll be putting out new information each week – and you’ll have a chance to comment and ask questions.

What did you like? What was confusing?

Then I respond, answer your questions, and make the content even better the next week!

(I’m a busy homeschool mom just like you ... so I almost NEVER give this level of personal attention!)

3. It will never be this price again. (Promise!)

Because I’m still creating and because there will inevitably be bumps in the road, I’m offering this for a limited, one-time "beta" price.

If you take advantage now, you’re going to get all this amazing content AND exclusive access to me for a price that I’m never planning doing again.

Seriously – this is a one-time opportunity.

The course begins October 4.
And for a limited time, it's only $97.

Included in the course (for now ... I'm sure there will be more): 
  • 12+ Video Modules (on each ingredient listed above plus tons more!)
  • Audios (if you want to listen instead of watch)
  •  Notes to review later
  • Private Facebook Group
  • (and who knows what else ... I’m notorious for adding more cool stuff when I see a need!)

You can have a home where your kids are super excited and motivated to learn.
P.S. If you're a "scroll to the end" type of person," let me summarize:

  • The Motivation Formula is going to teach you how to create a homeschool where kids love to learn WITHOUT begging, bribing, or whining.
  • You'll get 12+ modules full of the latest research as well as real-life application.
  • You get exclusive access to me through a private Facebook Group to ask questions throughout the entire course.
  • The course is only available for the first 30 people who decide to join.
  • It's only $97 (lowest price it will ever be).

If you have any questions about The Motivation Formula, please contact me.