How to ensure your kids will succeed at higher level math {Review}

Algebra … Trigonometry … Calculus …

How do you feel about teaching these subjects?

I did okay in math in high school — but I wasn’t a whiz. So I know that I’m not the best resource when it comes time for my kids to learn their higher level math.

But that’s okay! Because my job is to facilitate a great education … not be the teacher for every subject.

As my kids get into the higher-level math, I find other AMAZING mentors and teachers to help teach them.

But before my kids get there, I make sure we set a good foundation. That means focusing on thinking skills that help prepare them to do higher level math.

And today, I want to share a resource that we have used for years in my homeschool to build those skills.

These books teach a foundational skill for higher-level math AND they are super fun to sit on the couch and read!

CLICK HERE to check it out for your homeschool:

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