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You’re Doing Better Than You Think You Are

Hey you! You’re doing better than you think you are. On any given day, you are trying your best to give your kids a good education. Now — what YOU think is your best — and what you are actually able to give — may not be the same thing! You may think your best […]

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Turning “I can’t!” into “I CAN!”

I once asked my six year old to pick up some food that had fallen on the floor during dinner time. I knew she would be squeamish—it was peas and mashed potatoes, after all—so I offered her a paper towel to protect her fingers from slimy cold food and lots of encouraging words. She still collapsed in […]

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How to Manage Your Fear of Failing

It’s going to happen. Fear and doubt … the two little nemeses of homeschooling … will creep into your mind when you least expect it. One moment you’ll be going along — planning dinner, doing laundry, prepping for the school day — and the next … Your 7 year old won’t be able to read […]

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